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                     SEE BELOW FOR WORK SUBMITTED FROM NOV 5, Continue in collaborative groups


       Nov 5 Presentation and outline for performance tasks:

                     Work as a group, use computers/online access, and

                     Investigate the sample performance tasks on different website resources, and the sample templates/rubrics as given

                     In groups of 2-4, discuss a current curriculum performance task/lab/project. (see OR NEW ONE!!!


                     Identify 3-5 resources (articles, web, video, “text”) students could use.

                     Devise a CCSS literacy (reading/writing/SL) assignment

                     Identify three key instructional strategies to use to help students achieve this task.


Anatomy & Phys (DH, GL)


Brownfields (CW, LR):


Acid Rain (PD, GH)

AcidRain (CF, WB, JR)

Acid Rain (JT, MZ)

Acid Rain (CW, MS)

Physics Ideas (AW, DS, AB, BM):

Chemistry Ideas (JD, CS)

HillCareerBio (DM, TM)

OarFish Literacy Design Collaborative Module (KB, GM, SQ, TP)

Genetically Modified Foods (JW, CA, GB)


OTHER RESOURCES (includes links to CCSS Literacy in Science, Tech Subjects)  (includes ideas on text dependent ?, writing templates) subjects/ (great resource!)






            (examples of SBAC ?)