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              Human Population Dynamics


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Human Population Dynamics


Student Materials


The human population has existed for a little more than 500,000 years.  About 10,000 years ago, the total human population was about 3 million people, most of them hunters and gatherers.  The development of early agriculture provided a stable supply of food and as a result the human population increased rapidly and reached one billion (1,000,000,000) in 1840.  The development of technology and medicine in the 20th century reduced the death rate and increased the growth rate even further.  Despite these advances, human population growth differs dramatically country by country.  Your task is to design a presentation using a Power Point slide show to compare the population dynamics in an underdeveloped country and a developed country using the parameters outlined below.


Interpreting Population Data


Select two countries, one developed and one underdeveloped, from those listed courtesy of the U.S. Census Bureau at 


  1. Compare and contrast the shapes of the population graphs in 2005 for the developed and underdeveloped countries that you selected.
  2. Compare the changes in populations of both countries from 2005 to those projected to 2025.


Factors Affecting Population Changes


  1. Research and describe three factors that affect changes in the human population of one of the countries you studied.
  2. Research and explain how one technological advance might affect the change in the human population from 2005 to 2025 in one of the countries you studied.  Is the advancement of technology a positive or negative influence on population dynamics?  What is your evidence?


Be sure to document any sources you used in your research.