www.newhavenscience.org/PDDayNov62018.docx or .pdf or. htm

For Election Day Professional Development.
This is a full 6.5 hr work day. All science teachers are expected to attend. If you do not attend the full day, you must put in for a personal day in AESOP. Make sure the signin/signout sheet reflects the times you attended.
            We are at ESUMS in West Haven. ESUMS is at 500 Boston Post Road in WEST HAVEN, the driveway to the parking lot (upper or lower) is off of Rockview Street/corner of Rockview and Daytona, say 44 Rockview Street in your GPS… There is about 100 parking spaces and there are 120 of us, some carpooling is advisable to avoid parking in UNH lots across the street.

Some info:       No food provided :(and VERY IMPORTANT!! NO FOOD/DRINK ALLOWED IN CLASSROOMS/LABS!! We have had issues with science teachers leaving messes in rooms and cafeterias the last year or so.          USE CENTER STAIRCASE ONLY!.
            Please bring your own laptop/device if possible. Many of the sessions use technology, and although the school is tentatively letting us use some of theirs, it would be easier for presenters if you had your own device.

            Please bring some things to share… the midday sessions are for you to share ideas by curriculum/grade level area, and unit, so bring some copies/handouts of activities you use or are thinking of. We also will use that session to generate more ideas on district assessments. Please bring or access the info from the last CIAs and the science mastery rubrics. I will expect everyone to fill in part of a Google Doc with ideas around phenomena, activities, NGSS type assessment questions, etc... specific to a unit in the curriculum.
            Please come prepared to be engaged and interactive. All the facilitators have been asked to make sure to make their sessions interactive, but of course that depends on the audience being respectful

SCHEDULE, Sessions will start on TIME, sign in at each session
8:00-8:15       Social time, hand in district assessments   Sign In
8:30-9:10       Therrien          Intro, NGSS Assessment, discourse CAFETERIA
9:15     Sharing by VWR/Seargant Welch


9:30-10:40     SESSION ONE Pick session.. but presenters will close door when room is full!                      

                                 Mini PCR Demo                                            Kalomira Kalaitzis                      416

                      Explanation/Argumentation                         Jessica Smith/Chris Willems       520

                      Gizmos                                                        Keeler Otero                             216

                      Models (Summary Tables)                            Matt Erickson/Steve Bauman     403

                      Classroom Management                              Emily Baxter                              303

                      YNHTI Ideas/Discussions                               Jason Ward                               320

                      NGSS Performance Tasks                              Evelyn Gallagher                       422

                      Assessing Practices with Tests                      Charles Wentzell, et al               522



10:40-11:40   Work/Share Sessions to discuss favorite activities, look into assessments, look ahead to sharing ideas for second quarter. etc..


6th Grade                                                    Heather T/Deb J?                      320

7th Grade                                                    Emily B?/Evelyn R?                    303

8th Grade                                                    Matt E?/Phil R?                         403

PHYCHEM                                                    Raymond C?/Chris W?               520

BIOLOGY                                                     Somi A?/ Haifa A?                     416

CHEMISTRY                                                  Andrea Z?                                 522

PHYSICS                                                       Amanda W?                              503

HEALTH                                                       Lisa Rappa?                               321

ENVIRONMENT                                            Charlene W?                             216


Look at:

 NHPS Overview of NGSS Pacing (www.newhavenscience.org/NewHavenScienceOverviewNGSSSep2018.pdf)


Consider www.newhavenscience.org/ScienceInstructionalStrategiesNEWHAVEN.pdf , modeling.pdf, 5e.pdf , NHPSScienceMasteryScoringCriteria.pdf , misconcept.pdf

Use the googledrivefolder (or www.newhavenscience.org/NGSSCURRICULUM): https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B11M94Fk8UmDanRMTnhydS1LMFE?usp=sharing

(2015-17 curriculum facilitators have edit access, all others have view access)

-Investigate what is in your folders...

Pick a unit or part of a unit and try to identify something to share:

            Phenomena, activities, sequence of learning events,

            performance assessments,

            district assessment questions (mc/essay with rubrics) ,

that teaches students a practice (use Science mastery rubrics  www.newhavenscience.org/NHPSScienceMasteryScoringCriteria.pdf


 or how to figure something out not just learn about.


Be sure to identify the NGSS PEs, evidence statements https://www.nextgenscience.org/evidence-statements, connections, etc..


If possible please try and use the NGSS unit planner document (www.newhavenscience.org/NGSSPlanner.dotx):

WORD https://drive.google.com/open?id=1wG3DEpBwy5WZXT08gA7yhfNS46w-z-22

GOOGLEDOC https://drive.google.com/open?id=1heahJIVO65sMMqDawGPerUsAYfTNrGCFiNhh7ewp0Wo


Save that document with links to activities or drop word/pdf copies into the upload folder https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1AkgO9tIvb6G9cshBTs2baqnlRYzAB8s_?usp=sharing

in the document, making sure to rename it!


If designing assessments, just start a new document to drop in:


***Key NGSS style summative assessment links (www.newhavenscience.org/ASSESSMENTLINKS.docx):

WORD https://drive.google.com/open?id=1_7Sqc5V9bVu8T40lxb0ShSNeGHfx4JNg

GOOGLE DOC https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Lr3R-cNQl9zhPC8V40x-SuqIrvi8uNL-HCb6W5ru7Bk

  LUNCH           11:40-12:30   On own, see many places near by… BACK ON TIME!

6th Grade                                           Heather T/Deb J?                               320

7th Grade                                           Emily B?/Evelyn R?                             303

8th Grade                                           Matt E?/Phil R?                                  403

PHYCHEM                                           Raymond C?/Chris W?                        520

BIOLOGY                                            Somi A?/ Haifa A?                               416

CHEMISTRY                                         Andrea Z?                                          522

PHYSICS                                              Amanda W?                                       503

AP BIO & other AP                              Paul J?                                               321


 1:40-2:50                                        SESSION FOUR                                     

BioEthics                                                     Andrea Zullo                             416

Explanation/Argumentation                         Jessica Smith/Chris Willems       520

BackPocket Questions                                  Deborah Johnson                      320

Models (Summary Tables)                            Matt Erickson/Steve Bauman     403

Classroom Management                              Emily Baxter                              303

Science Fair Discussion/Ideas                        Jack Crane, Corazon Libao          503

NGSS Performance Tasks                              Evelyn Gallagher                       422

Assessing Practices with Tests                      Charles Wentzell, et al               522

2:50 Evaluation/Sign Out (note, please make sure to sign out/sign in )

Please do evaluation at https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/NHPSSciencePD2018