TO: Principals K-8 Schools
FROM: Richard Therrien
DATE: May 24, 2007
RE: end of the year science information
I have included all recent communications in one packet for your convenience. Enclosed please find:
-- A notice explaining the grades 3-5 CMT Embedded Tasks that were delivered to each school. (note that there are no assessments required this year)

-A letter requesting interested grade 4-6 classroom teachers or coaches to participate in a paid science grant with UNH this summer July 9-13 or Aug 15-22nd. We need good people! See Here for Flyer

-A notice about science certification requirements for grade 6-8 for hiring/transfer purposes.

-A science materials recommendation list for grades K-8.

-A request for YOUR feedback, either online or through this survey, about Science Fair.

-A request for YOUR feedback, either online or through survey about science supervisor support this past school year.

- Teacher attendance at CIA/PD meetings,

-Science Quarterly Assessment Result summaries for your school.

- A reminder about which STC kits we are expecting to pick up for your school on June 14th.

-For Title I schools, a list of science materials ordered for 6-8.

Most items and surveys, pacing, curriculum, principal/teacher PD always found at